5 Pillars to Wealth…. Interview by MentorMeMoments

Your wealth is not broken down base on the money you have in your bank account today. It will be determine on how that money is growing within the system. These 5 pillars are the foundation to your wealth, they are not all that you have to do.  In our discussion, I’ll go over each pillar and discuss what they mean to me and how I implement them to Create, Build, and Protect my wealth within this system.

Co/Host Darry Perkinson, a.k.a. Wallstreet and I discussed how to recognize and survive the next economic crash to come in our segment called “Great Depression – Great Recession: What’s Next?”. We discussed Tulip Mania (1600s), Great Depression (1930s), Economic Boom (1970s), Savings & Loans Crash (1980s), Tech/dotcom Explosion (1990s), Great Recession (Millennium) and the what-s-next Currency Change (Be Ready). Tune into MentorMe® Memorable Moments via www.listenvisionlive.com or www.mentorme411.com every Sunday evening at 6 pm EST and learn how you can make informed decisions to balance your lifestyle!


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