It’s Time to Create Real Wealth …Solo 401(k) Plan & Trust

Qualifications & Limitations to the Solo 401(k) Plan

Eligibility:  Simple Process - Must be pursuing a profit from a business and have no employees or limited employees with less than a thousand hours.
This is perfect for the Home Business Industry or an Affiliate Marketer.
 - Start a Home Business: We recommend one that we offer in my products page: It can range from $129.99 to $199.99 .. not expensive at all.

When Should you look to get this setup
Best time: Early 20s to Early 30s
Better:  Late 30s to Early 40's
Running Late:  Late 40s to Early to Mid 50s
Emergency :  Late 50s to Early 60s

Better Learn how to Trade 
Early 50s to Late 60s

Limitations of the Solo 401(k) Plan
There are two components to a Solo 401(k) Plan

Traditional Solo 401(k) & Solo Roth 401(k) with Total Contribution to $53,000 a Year
up to age 49.  If you are 50 years young or older you can add an additional $6,000 a year.
If you are married and both are building a business this limit is for each individual.  Which means that as a married couple, you can contribute up to $106,000 per year up to age 49..

The Traditional Solo 401(k) will allow you to Max Limit of $35,000 and claim it on your taxes.
The Solo Roth 401(k) component  will allow you to Max Limit of $18,000 that is contributed with after tax dollars.

The Traditional Solo 401(k) component must remain separate from the Solo Roth 401(k) for tax purposes. You'll learn more about this once you are ready to get your system setup. We provide all the training and walk you through step by step in building this out.

The Solo 401(k) Plan & Trust has favorable practices

Your plan can buy Foreclosures, Property that you can flip or rent, real physical gold (specified by the IRS) that is delivered to you, Stock Accounts, dividend paying accounts.

Bankers Have not a Clue

Don't believe that you'll walk into your local bank and try to get this done. Most bankers do not have a clue on what you're talking about. They will try to get you to sign up for their 401(k) plan which they will be controlling.  Your purpose here is that you are getting the Solo 401(k) Plan & Trust that you control. 

All contributions are coming from you and you will have complete control of the system to include borrowing up to $50,000 a year from your plan once you are able to hit $100,000 of contributions. 

The banks whole purpose is that they are providing the Checking Accounts only for the plan itself.  

I provide videos from our back office so that you are walking through the steps with me. I'm available to speak with you if you provide your phone number below.

This is only for United States Residents Only.

Today i went to the bank to open a solo 401(k) trust account and the bank didn't even know what is was, that's amazing to me. I am happy to know that am smarter than a 30 yr banker by just being in MLS thank you wallstreet. I finally got it done at Wellsfargo.

David T (moe) 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I went to WellsFargo and they didn't have a clue what I was asking for when asked them to Open a Solo 401(k). Wallstreet had spoken to the manager what my wife and I wanted to do and with his help, we were able to open our account. 

Courteney W 
Stone Mountain, GA

$297 - Starting Your Solo 401(k) Plan & Trust

Finally, An Easy Way To Plan and Start Your Very Own Solo 401(k) Plan
 – STEP by STEP – Training and Recommendations
Your Average Banker Hasn't a clue...

This is a 3rd Party Product... Training is Separate from Documents
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